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arrow “Make “Trust Account” Deposits As soon As You Hire” Retail $19 INCLUDED
arrow “Making “Trust Account” Deposits A Part Of Your Daily Routine” (part 1) Retail $19 INCLUDED
arrow “Making “Trust Account” Deposits A Part Of Your Daily Routine” (part 2) Retail $19 INCLUDED
arrow Making “Trust Account” Deposits When Dealing With The Corporate Insanity Retail $19 INCLUDED
arrow Make “Trust Account” Deposits When They Mess Up” Retail $19 INCLUDED

Total Value $95
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Ralph Burns

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Dear Friend,

As an extra bonus for accessing our “How to Motivate Your Sales Reps in 5 Days” eBook, I want to give you and your sales managers instant access to our most popular multi-media training program that will teach your sales managers:

  1. The 4 little-known ways to establish trust before they hire a sales rep so they can double that sales reps’ motivation right from the start – while hugely enhancing their sales leadership…
  2. Our tested and proven template for establishing rock solid trust through “The Law of Reciprocity” (while at the same time getting your sales managers reps super-motivated to produce big time for your company)…
  3. The “Perpetual Trust-Building Model” I have used for years to establish trust, then hyper-motivate my sales teams by constantly reinforcing that trust every day…making it far easier for your sales managers to “light their fire” with every personal interaction they have with them…
  4. How your managers can REALLY motivate their salespeople to achieve things they never thought possible using a few psychological trust-building techniques that will, in the hands of your sales managers “hyper-motivate” your sales force and make your company more sales and more money
  5. Five proven techniques to build trust so your managers can motivate their sales teams in ways they never thought of using motivations other than money as the “carrot”…while reinforcing thier sales leadership at the same time…

These downloadable training audios, videos, transcripts and workbooks are packed with “meaty” content, and best of all it’s the type of information that your sales managers can apply immediately and start seeing real results!

Here’s a closer look at the awesome training lessons you and your sales managers are about to receive:

“The Trust Account” Training Program Description:

Lesson #1: Make “Trust Account” Deposits As soon As You Hire

Approx 30 minutes AUDIO, VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT (downloadable) Training

Value: $19

Our Most Popular Training of ALL Time! This singular lesson has been purchased by 1,181 sales managers and sales trainers in just the last five months…now you can have it on us.

The easiest way to motivate and lead a new salesperson is to establish trust very early on…even before they are hired. Once your sales managers establish a precedent of trust, they have a rock-solid foundation on which to work and motivate their sales reps to peak performance. They then need to reinforce that trust every day.

In this program we show your managers four proven techniques to gain trust from the start of their relationship with the sales rep…this SUPER-motivates their salespeople. And when your managers start using it for all your company’s new hires, they’ll have built a tremendous level of leadership and followership that will ultimately lead your company to tremendous levels of sales success.

Lesson #2: “Making “Trust Account” Deposits A Part Of Your Daily Routine” (parts 1 & 2)

Approx 1.2 hours AUDIO, VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT (downloadable) Training

Value: $38

Imagine your managers having the power to motivate even their most difficult to motivate “veteran” sales reps with just a couple of easy to use techniques. That’s what this training lesson is all about.

Inside your sales management team will learn how we create a “perpetual trust model” by building an environment of trust and appreciation…the kind of success environment that makes your company’s sales team feel so good they can’t help but produce even more than even YOU may have thought possible.

Also in this lesson, your managers will find that there are more important rewards than money alone – and they’ll learn how to use those secrets if leveraged correctly, to make you and your company more in bonus dollars.

Also in this lesson your managers will get a bunch of oh-so-easy to use techniques that we’ve refined that use key psychological triggers passed down from some of the biggest names in human behavior…now they can use the same trust-building secrets to SUPERCHARGE your sales force to produce stellar sales performance.

Lesson#3: Making “Trust Account” Deposits When Dealing With “The Corporate Insanity

Approx 40 minutes AUDIO, VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT (downloadable) Training

Value: $19

Believe it or not…in order to be a great sales leader your managers don’t all have to be “company guys or gals”!

In actuality, the more “real” they are with their salespeople, the more their salespeople respect them, trust them and follow them. This in turn, motivates them big time – they’ll give the little extra effort that makes all the difference in the long run. The same extra effort they never would have exerted working for a “corporate suit”.

In this training your managers will learn exactly why “lightly poking fun at the company” is an incredible motivator and trust-builder – and we show them how to do it tactfully so you all flourish while motivating your sales force in the process.

Your sales managers will also learn how to protect their sales reps from the company bureaucracy (who doesn’t have it?) that gets your sales force “off track”…so your sales reps can focus their energy on bringing in more dollars for the company.

Lesson#4: Make “Trust Account” Deposits When They Mess Up

Approx 45 minutes AUDIO, VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT (downloadable) Training

Value: $19

OK, we all know that your sales reps are gonna screw up…its just a matter of time.

So what should an elite sales managers do when they do mess up? The amazing thing is that when your company’s sales reps do screw up – your sales managers can use that mistake to DEEPEN their trust in them!

In this lesson, the techniques your sales managers will learn will actually strengthen their leadership by “turning the tables” on mistakes and making them a sales motivational tool! This is an advanced technique, but we teach you exactly how your sales managers can implement it for maximum benefit.

And now you can get all of this for just $1…

Again, sold separately these training lessons retail for $29 each, but I think you’d agree that each one of them is easily worth thousands of dollars in new sales when placed in the hands of your company’s sales managers from a savvy sales trainer like you…

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For starters, some of our best customers have already paid almost $150 for this exact same information, so we need to keep this offer truly limited.

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So what’s the bribe?

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The “Sales Management Mastery Academy” is our private members-only area where we reveal EXACTLY what’s really working in the world of sales management.

You see, unlike a lot of sales management trainers that TEACH (but don’t DO), we have motivated and led REAL sales teams in REAL markets and industries for over 15 years. And as a “Sales Management Mastery Academy” member, you’ll get hours of additional training on how to unleash the best from your sales team every day using time-tested sales management techniques, tips and tricks that will blast your sales force’s sales to unheard of levels of achievement.

Here’s just a taste of what you receive as a member of the Sales Management Mastery Academy:

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Ralph Burns

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